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Regulations for reservation and stay in  Apartments Szmaragdowa10 Mielno

In order to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a pleasant stay, please read the following regulations. Please read carefully the reservation and stay regulations on the information board and on our website Szmaragdowa10.com. Reservation of the apartment is tantamount to acceptance of our regulations.

Please arrive on the day agreed in the reservation, between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. It is possible to arrive at a different time, but it must be agreed in advance. Any absence of the Customer on the agreed rental start date will be treated as termination of the contract.

  1. By making a reservation at the Szmaragdowa10 Apartments, the Customer agrees to have his or her personal data entered into the Service Provider's database. We would also like to inform you that on May 25, 2018 the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on the protection of personal data, commonly known as GDPR, came into force. our company makes every effort to protect your personal data. The implementation of the requirements of the Regulation naturally fits into our privacy policy.
  2. Telephone reservation is effective after making an advance payment of 30% of the amount due for the entire stay within 3 days. The remaining part of the stay fee (i.e. 70% of the stay amount) can be paid by card, transfer or cash on site on the day of check-in.
  3. The advance payment is not refundable in the event of cancellation less than 30 days before the planned arrival date.
  4. If the advance payment is not transferred to the bank account within 3 days, the reservation is canceled.
  6. The resort fee is not included in the price of the service and is paid on site in CASH.
  7. At the customer's request, we deliver a cot and a baby chair to the apartment. Confirmation must be made at the time of booking.
  8. We do not accept guests with animals in our guesthouse.
  9. By making a reservation, the customer agrees to place his or her personal data in the Service Provider's database.
  10. A customer wishing to receive a VAT invoice is obliged to report this fact and provide the data necessary to write out an invoice at the time of booking.
  11. Items left by the customer after leaving the apartment may be sent back at the customer's expense to the indicated address. Otherwise, after five days from the date of the Customer's departure from the apartment, the staff will deal with the items in accordance with the provisions on lost or found items.
  12. For fire safety reasons, it is prohibited to use heaters and other electrical devices in the apartments that are not included in the apartment's equipment. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies, RTV devices and computers.
  13. The manager may refuse to accept a person who grossly violated these regulations during their previous stay.
  14. We provide parking spaces in an unguarded parking lot, which is included in the reservation price.
  15. The facility has external and internal monitoring (staircases), among others. for the safety of guests and their property. Any damage to cars in the parking lots should be reported immediately to the reception in order to secure external monitoring records, because the Manager is not responsible for any damage (in this respect) caused in the parking lot.
  16. The apartment is rented daily.
  17. If the customer withdraws from the contract within less than 30 days, the customer will be charged 30% of the booking cost.
  18. Up to 14 days before the planned arrival, it is possible to change the reservation date free of charge, provided the apartments are available. Apartamenty Szmaragdowa 10 reserves the right to provide replacement premises of similar comfort in exceptional situations (failure in the apartment or other random event).
  19. The customer undertakes to use the apartment in accordance with its intended purpose and not to remove any elements of its equipment and decorations from the apartment.
  20. Smoking inside and frying fish in the apartments is completely prohibited. A customer who does not comply with the ban will be charged a fee of PLN 500 for refreshing the rooms, equipment and washing curtains.
  21. The client is obliged to secure the apartment each time he leaves it by closing the windows and entrance door. Windows can be left open.
  22. The client undertakes not to exceed the number of people living with him in the apartment beyond that specified in the registration form. The client may invite guests after prior arrangement with the manager regarding the conditions of stay of external persons.
  23. In the event of a violation of the rules, the manager is entitled to collect the remuneration due for the stay of an unreported person.
  24. In the event of an exceptionally flagrant or hooligan violation of the rules, the manager is entitled to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect and remove the Client and his/her accompanying persons from the apartment with the assistance of the Police.

  Regulations of stay  -  APARTMENTS SZMARAGDOWA 10 Mielno

Please read carefully the reservation and stay regulations located on the information board and on our website Szmaragdowa10.com. Reservation of the apartment is tantamount to acceptance of our regulations.

Starting and ending the apartment rental

  1. The client is shown around the facility and then goes with an employee of Apartamenty Szmaragdowa 10 to the apartment to check the condition of the apartment and its equipment, after which the key and remote control for the entrance gates are handed over.
  2. If there are no objections, the company employee completes the formalities related to the stay.

             Paying the stay fee, completing the registration card, paying the local tax and paying a deposit of PLN 200.

  1. After taking over the apartment, the Customer is fully responsible for the equipment contained in the apartment. If any missing or damaged elements of the equipment are found, the Customer is obliged to report them no later than on the day of arrival. Failure to report is tantamount to no objections. During collection, an employee of the apartment after the end of the rental period will inspect the condition of the apartment and its equipment in the presence of the customer. Any deficiencies or damage found will be replaced at the Customer's expense. If it is necessary to carry out any renovation works, the Customer may also be charged with rental costs during the period of reconstruction works.
  2. If the keys are lost, the customer will be charged PLN 100, and if the gate remote control is lost, the customer will be charged PLN 150.
  3. Please leave the apartment on the agreed day by 11.00. In the event of extending the stay without prior agreement, the Customer may be charged with rental costs for the period in which he additionally occupied the apartment, and if the unagreed stay prevents the apartment from being occupied by another customer, also with additional costs resulting from the unfulfilled contract.
  4. The keys are always handed over to the company employee in the apartment after checking the condition of the apartment.
  5. Early departure of the Guest does not entitle the Guest to request a refund for the unused stay.
  6. Our guests can use the book and board games corner located in building A. They can also rent a bicycle, Nordic walking sticks, beach chairs and screens. In case of rain, we have umbrellas.
  7. Our guests can also use the outdoor swimming pool (between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.) and the sauna.
  8. Kitchenettes are equipped with a fridge, dishwasher, cordless kettle and a set of pots, dishes and cutlery.
  9. A capsule coffee machine is available upon request (Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Bosch Tassimo).
  10. The apartments have towels, clothes dryers and a hair dryer.
  11. We also have an ironing corner (on the 2nd floor).
  12. There is a washing machine and dryer on the second floor in building B, which can be used for an additional fee.
  13. The apartments have safes.

During their stay, we ask guests to follow the following rules:

  1. Only people who have been registered in accordance with the registration card can live in the apartment.
  2. We do not accept guests with animals at Apartamenty Szmaragdowa 10.
  3. Smoking in apartments and on balconies is prohibited under penalty of PLN 500.
  4. Frying fish is prohibited in the apartments under penalty of PLN 500.
  5. It is strictly prohibited to charge batteries for electric bicycles and scooters in the apartments. This is allowed in the place indicated by the staff
  6. Please observe generally accepted norms of social behavior, including, in particular, night silence (from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.).
  7. Failure of Customers to comply with the above may result in immediate termination of the contract. In such a case, the Customer is not entitled to a refund of the rental costs.
  8. The customer can report any comments and requests at the reception or by calling +48 509 150 069.
  9. A customer who intentionally or accidentally destroys the property of the apartment is obliged to cover the entire cost.
  10. Parents are responsible for child care on the premises.
  11. At the customer's request, we provide a vacuuming and washing floor service, the cost of the service is PLN 30. The request should be reported at the reception and a convenient cleaning time should be agreed.

At the end of your stay, please complete the following cleaning activities:

-Put all dishes into the dishwasher and turn it on.

-Disposing of waste taking into account segregation.

-Apartment opinion. The apartment is handed over in the presence of the customer.


Rules for submitting and considering complaints

  1. A complaint, complaint or grievance should be submitted to the service provider's reception desk.
  2. A complaint, complaint or grievance may be submitted in the form of:

    a) in writing - in person or by post within the meaning of the Postal Law, to the service provider's address;

    b) electronically - by sending an e-mail to dorotaczaja22@wp.pl

  3. The Service Provider considers the complaint, complaint or grievance and responds to it without undue delay, but no later than within 30 days from the date of its receipt, subject to section 4.
  4. In particularly complicated cases that make it impossible to consider a complaint, complaint or grievance and provide a response within the time limit referred to in section 3, the service provider provides the person who submitted the complaint, complaint or grievance with information in which: it explains the reason for the delay and indicates the circumstances that must be established in order to consider the case. Specifies the expected deadline for considering the complaint and providing a response, which may not exceed 60 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.
  5. The service provider's response to a complaint, complaint or grievance will be delivered to the person who submitted it in paper form, however, the response may be delivered by e-mail only at the request of the person who submitted the complaint, complaint or grievance.
  6. The language used by the service provider in relations with the consumer is Polish.


Service provider details:

  • "Czadrob" Czaja Spółka Jawna
  • ul. Akademicka 46
  • 43-346 Bielsko Biała
  • NIP 5472105186
  • KRS 0000328670

    We wish you a pleasant stay in our apartments!